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Homogeneous Nucleation-Growth Dynamics Induced by Single Laser Pulse in Supersaturated Solutions

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posted on 05.12.2012, 00:00 by Jasmine A. Jacob, Sébastien Sorgues, Alexandre Dazzi, Mehran Mostafavi, Jacqueline Belloni
Our original approach consists of observing the dynamics of homogeneous crystal growth throughout the volume of highly supersaturated solutions. The crystal growth is induced at room temperature by a powerful single nanosecond laser pulse and is observed using a synchronized time-resolved optical detection. The supersaturated solution readily transforms after the pulse into a homogeneous gel-like slurry consisting of nanometric crystals. From the analysis of the signals via a kinetic model, we derive the elementary accretion rate constant, the nuclei concentration, and its dependence upon the initial supersaturation concentration. This approach could permit a quantitative study of the homogeneous phase transition dynamics for various other systems.