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Homogeneous Bispecifics by Disulfide Bridging

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posted on 2015-12-17, 03:53 authored by Elizabeth A. Hull, Maria Livanos, Enrique Miranda, Mark E. B. Smith, Kerry A. Chester, James R. Baker
We report on a chemical platform to generate site-specific, homogeneous, antibody–antibody conjugates by targeting and bridging disulfide bonds. A bispecific antibody construct was produced in good yield through simple reduction and bridging of antibody fragment disulfide bonds, using a readily synthesized bis-dibromomaleimide cross-linker. Binding activity of antibodies was maintained, and in vitro binding of target antigens was observed. This technology is demonstrated through linking scFv and Fab antibody fragments, showing its potential for the construction of a diverse range of bispecifics.