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Homo- and Heterosolvent Modifications of Hofmann-Type Flexible Two-Dimensional Layers for Colossal Interlayer Thermal Expansions

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posted on 20.09.2019, 14:38 authored by Ryo Ohtani, Junichi Yanagisawa, Hiromu Matsunari, Masaaki Ohba, Leonard F. Lindoy, Shinya Hayami
Two-dimensional Hofmann-type coordination polymers of type Mn­(H2O)2[Pd­(CN)4xH2O (xH2O; x = 0, 1, and 4), Mn­(H2O)­(MeOH)­[Pd­(CN)4]·2MeOH (2·2MeOH), and Mn­(MeOH)2[Pd­(CN)4]·MeOH (3·MeOH) have been synthesized. The homosolvent-bound 1·4H2O, 1·H2O, and 3·MeOH polymers consist of undulating layer structures, whereas the structure of heterosolvent-bound 2·2MeOH consists of “Janus-like” flat layers in which water-bound and MeOH-bound-sides are present. 1·4H2O and 1·H2O exhibited anisotropic two-dimensional thermal expansions involving structural transformations of the undulating layers; one layer axis expands while the other contracts. 2·2MeOH exhibits anisotropic thermal expansion in which the flat layers shift sideways as the temperature is increased, with colossal interlayer expansion occurring (αc = +200 MK–1 over 140–180 K, αc = +165 MK–1 over 200–280 K). 3·MeOH also showed colossal interlayer expansion (αc = +216 MK–1) together with expansion of the undulating layers.