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Hollow C@MoS2 Nanospheres for Microwave Absorption

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posted on 14.10.2021, 04:05 by Linling Xu, Jiaqi Tao, Xianfei Zhang, Zhengjun Yao, Bo Wei, Feng Yang, Congyu Zhou, Ali Zavabeti, Karma Zuraiqi, Jintang Zhou
The engineering of core–shell nanostructures provides a great potential to induce interfacial polarization relaxation and optimize impedance matching. Herein, core–shell-structured MHCS@MoS2 nanospheres are developed using hollow carbon (MHCS) and stacked MoS2 nanosheets. Heterostructures between cores and shells significantly boost the interface polarization effect and effectively reduce the electromagnetic wave (EMW) reflection caused by highly conductive MHCS. Thereby, efficient and broadband electromagnetic microwave absorption (EMA) performance can be achieved. Through controlling the thickness of MoS2 shells and the graphitization of MHCS cores, the effective absorption bandwidth (fE) of MHCS@MoS2 can reach 6.21 GHz at the thickness of only 2.1 mm. The nanodesigned core–shell-shaped MHCS@MoS2 nanospheres are demonstrated as a promising high-performance EMA material.