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Highly Strained Compliant Optical Metamaterials with Large Frequency Tunability

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posted on 13.10.2010, 00:00 by Imogen M. Pryce, Koray Aydin, Yousif A. Kelaita, Ryan M. Briggs, Harry A. Atwater
Metamaterial designs are typically limited to operation over a narrow bandwidth dictated by the resonant line width. Here we report a compliant metamaterial with tunability of Δλ ∼ 400 nm, greater than the resonant line width at optical frequencies, using high-strain mechanical deformation of an elastomeric substrate to controllably modify the distance between the resonant elements. Using this compliant platform, we demonstrate dynamic surface-enhanced infrared absorption by tuning the metamaterial resonant frequency through a CH stretch vibrational mode, enhancing the reflection signal by a factor of 180. Manipulation of resonator components is also used to tune and modulate the Fano resonance of a coupled system.