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Highly Selective Oxidation of Organic Sulfides by a Conjugated Polymer as the Photosensitizer for Singlet Oxygen Generation

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posted on 22.07.2020, 16:40 by Jingfeng Li, Zhaoyi An, Junyang Sun, Chunyan Tan, Dan Gao, Ying Tan, Yuyang Jiang
A cationic conjugated polyelectrolyte PPET3-N2 was used as a photosensitizer for photocatalytic oxidation of organic sulfides, including thioanisole, ethyl phenyl sulfide, 4-methylphenyl methyl sulfide, etc., to form sulfoxides with good yields and high selectivity. Oxidation reactions were performed in both batch and microfluidic reactors, where the microfluidic reactor can significantly promote the conversion of photocatalytic oxidation reaction to over 98% in about 8 min. Further studies of the photocatalytic oxidation of the antitumor drug ricobendazole in the microfluidic reactor demonstrate the potential application of the polymer material in organic reactions given its high selectivity, good efficiency, and operation convenience.