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Highly Reversible Zinc-Ion Intercalation into Chevrel Phase Mo6S8 Nanocubes and Applications for Advanced Zinc-Ion Batteries

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posted on 2016-05-16, 00:00 authored by Yingwen Cheng, Langli Luo, Li Zhong, Junzheng Chen, Bin Li, Wei Wang, Scott X. Mao, Chongmin Wang, Vincent L. Sprenkle, Guosheng Li, Jun Liu
This work describes the synthesis of Chevrel phase Mo6S8 nanocubes and its application as the anode material for rechargeable Zn-ion batteries. Mo6S8 can host Zn2+ ions reversibly in both aqueous and nonaqueous electrolytes with specific capacities around 90 mAh/g, and exhibited remarkable intercalation kinetics and cyclic stability. In addition, we assembled full cells by integrating Mo6S8 anodes with zinc-polyiodide (I/I3)–based catholytes, and demonstrated that such full cells were also able to deliver outstanding rate performance and cyclic stability. This first demonstration of a zinc-intercalating anode could inspire the design of advanced Zn-ion batteries.