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Highly Parallel Transport Recordings on a Membrane-on-Nanopore Chip at Single Molecule Resolution

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posted on 17.12.2015, 01:02 by Michael Urban, Alexander Kleefen, Nobina Mukherjee, Patrick Seelheim, Barbara Windschiegl, Marc Vor der Brüggen, Armagan Koçer, Robert Tampé
Membrane proteins are prime drug targets as they control the transit of information, ions, and solutes across membranes. Here, we present a membrane-on-nanopore platform to analyze nonelectrogenic channels and transporters that are typically not accessible by electrophysiological methods in a multiplexed manner. The silicon chip contains 250 000 femtoliter cavities, closed by a silicon dioxide top layer with defined nanopores. Lipid vesicles containing membrane proteins of interest are spread onto the nanopore-chip surface. Transport events of ligand-gated channels were recorded at single-molecule resolution by high-parallel fluorescence decoding.