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Highly Luminescent Inorganic–Organic Hybrids with Molecularly Dispersed Perylene

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posted on 2021-05-05, 20:30 authored by Kamonnart Jaa Imwiset, Makoto Ogawa
A highly photoluminescent material was obtained by the incorporation of perylene into an inorganic–organic hybrid film. Octosilicate, a layered alkali silicate, was modified with a cationic surfactant, dioleyldimethylammonium ion, to accommodate perylene molecularly and uniformly. The perylene-doped dioleyldimethylammonium octosilicate films were fabricated by simply casting the toluene solution of perylene with dispersed dioleyldimethylammonium octosilicate on substrates. Near-unity photoluminescence quantum efficiency was achieved for hybrids containing a high concentration of perylene.