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Highly Efficient TADF Polymer Electroluminescence with Reduced Efficiency Roll-off via Interfacial Exciplex Host Strategy

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posted on 2017-12-28, 00:00 authored by Xingdong Lin, Yunhui Zhu, Baohua Zhang, Xiaofei Zhao, Bing Yao, Yanxiang Cheng, Zhanguo Li, Yi Qu, Zhiyuan Xie
Solution-processed organic light-emitting diodes (s-OLED) consisting of TAPC/TmPyPB interfacial exciplex host and polymer PAPTC TADF emitter are prepared, simultaneously displaying ultralow voltages (2.50/2.91/3.51/4.91 V at luminance of 1/100/1000/1000 cd m–2), high efficiencies (14.9%, 50.1 lm W–1), and extremely low roll-off rates (J50 of 63.16 mA cm–2, L50 of ca. 15000 cd m–2). Such performance is distinctly higher than that of pure-PAPTC s-OLED. Compared to pure-PAPTC, the advanced emissive layer structure of TAPC:PAPTC/TmPyPB is unique in much higher PL quantum yield (79.5 vs 36.3%) and nearly 4-fold enhancement in kRISC of the PAPTC emitter to 1.48 × 107 s–1.