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Highly Efficient Cyanoimidation of Aldehydes

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posted on 2009-12-03, 00:00 authored by Ping Yin, Wen-Bo Ma, Yue Chen, Wen-Cai Huang, Yong Deng, Ling He
Cyanoimidation of aldehydes using cyanamide as a nitrogen source and using NBS as an oxidant was achieved in high yields without the addition of a catalyst. The method has several advantages, including mild conditions, simple workflow, and inexpensive reagents. The reaction proceeds in a one-pot manner, giving rise to the formation of intermolecular C−N and C−O bonds. Subsequently, the substituted N-cyanobenimidate products may also undergo a cyclization reaction to give l,2,4-triazole derivatives in high yields.