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High-Quality Uniform Dry Transfer of Graphene to Polymers

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posted on 11.01.2012, 00:00 by Evgeniya H. Lock, Mira Baraket, Matthew Laskoski, Shawn P. Mulvaney, Woo K. Lee, Paul E. Sheehan, Daniel R. Hines, Jeremy T. Robinson, Jacob Tosado, Michael S. Fuhrer, Sandra C. Hernández, Scott G. Walton
In this paper we demonstrate high-quality, uniform dry transfer of graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition on copper foil to polystyrene. The dry transfer exploits an azide linker molecule to establish a covalent bond to graphene and to generate greater graphene–polymer adhesion compared to that of the graphene–metal foil. Thus, this transfer approach provides a novel alternative route for graphene transfer, which allows for the metal foils to be reused.