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High Pressure Phase Equilibrium Data for the Ternary System Containing Carbon Dioxide, Dichloromethane, and ε‑Caprolactone

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posted on 20.03.2019, 14:51 by Diego Alex Mayer, Evertan Antonio Rebelatto, Papa Matar Ndiaye, Marcelo Lanza, Débora de Oliveira, Selene M. A. Guelli U. de Souza, José Vladimir Oliveira
This work reports experimental phase equilibrium data for the ternary system involving ε-caprolactone, carbon dioxide, and dichloromethane. Such data provide fundamental information to conduct polymerization reactions in supercritical carbon dioxide medium. The experiments were performed using a variable-volume view cell over the temperature range from 323.15 to 353.15 K and different mass ratios of dichloromethane to ε-caprolactone (0.5:1, 1:1, and 2:1). Phase transitions of vapor–liquid at the bubble point (VLE-PB), liquid–liquid (LLE), and vapor–liquid–liquid (VLLE) types were observed. The experimental results were modeled using the Peng–Robinson EoS with the van der Waals mixing rule, resulting in a good representation of experimental phase equilibrium data.