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High Performance PbS Quantum Dot/Graphene Hybrid Solar Cell with Efficient Charge Extraction

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posted on 23.05.2016, 18:20 by Byung-Sung Kim, Darren C. J. Neo, Bo Hou, Jong Bae Park, Yuljae Cho, Nanlin Zhang, John Hong, Sangyeon Pak, Sanghyo Lee, Jung Inn Sohn, Hazel E. Assender, Andrew A. R. Watt, SeungNam Cha, Jong Min Kim
Hybrid colloidal quantum dot (CQD) solar cells are fabricated from multilayer stacks of lead sulfide (PbS) CQD and single layer graphene (SG). The inclusion of graphene interlayers is shown to increase power conversion efficiency by 9.18%. It is shown that the inclusion of conductive graphene enhances charge extraction in devices. Photoluminescence shows that graphene quenches emission from the quantum dot suggesting spontaneous charge transfer to graphene. CQD photodetectors exhibit increased photoresponse and improved transport properties. We propose that the CQD/SG hybrid structure is a route to make CQD thin films with improved charge extraction, therefore resulting in improved solar cell efficiency.