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High-Throughput Screening of an Octanoic Acid Producer Strain Library Enables Detection of New Targets for Increasing Titers in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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posted on 12.05.2021, 23:43 by Leonie Baumann, Stefan Bruder, Johannes Kabisch, Eckhard Boles, Mislav Oreb
Octanoic acid is an industrially relevant compound with applications in antimicrobials or as a precursor for biofuels. Microbial biosynthesis through yeast is a promising alternative to current unsustainable production methods. To increase octanoic acid titers in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we use a previously developed biosensor that is based on the octanoic acid responsive pPDR12 promotor coupled to GFP. We establish a biosensor strain amenable for high-throughput screening of an octanoic acid producer strain library. Through development, optimization, and execution of a high-throughput screening approach, we were able to detect two new genetic targets, KCS1 and FSH2, which increased octanoic acid titers through combined overexpression by about 55% compared to the parental strain. Neither target has yet been reported to be involved in fatty acid biosynthesis. The presented methodology can be employed to screen any genetic library and thereby more genes involved in improving octanoic acid production can be detected in the future.