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High-Resolution and Universal Visualization of Latent Fingerprints Based on Aptamer-Functionalized Core–Shell Nanoparticles with Embedded SERS Reporters

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posted on 2016-05-30, 00:00 authored by Jingjing Zhao, Kun Zhang, Yixin Li, Ji Ji, Baohong Liu
Although fingerprints have been widely used in forensic investigations, low resolution and poor universality are still the main obstacles for the development of fingerprint visualization. In this paper, a facile and universal imaging protocol for latent fingerprints (LFPs) was developed by combining sandwiched SERS probes with the highly sensitive and selective recognition of aptamers. The embedded SERS probes (Au/pNTP/SiO2) successfully avoid the environment interference, ascertaining the stability and reproducibility of Raman signals, and simultaneously improve the efficiency of the fingerprint identification. This approach is operationally simple without complicated pre- or post-treatments. Moreover, the fingerprint images display the high resolution in which third-level details can be clearly identified. This is a general approach and can be used to detect various types of fingerprints, including sebaceous, eccrine, fresh LFPs, and aged LFPs on different substrates (such as smooth, scratching, semiporous, and porous surfaces).