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High-Quality Local Pseudopotentials for Metals

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posted on 2024-04-10, 14:37 authored by Yu-Chieh Chi, Chen Huang
A major obstacle hindering the application of orbital-free density functional theory (OF-DFT) to all metals is the lack of accurate local pseudopotentials (LPSs), especially for transition metals. In this work, we developed high-quality LPSs for all simple and transition metals by fitting the atomic eigenvalues and orbital norms beyond the cutoff radii. Due to the lack of nonlocality in LPSs, it is very challenging to simultaneously fit the semicore and outermost valence orbitals of transition metals. We overcame this issue by excluding the semicore orbitals from the LPS optimizations. This allows us to achieve excellent fittings of the outermost valence orbitals, which are responsible for chemical bonding. The norm-conserving condition is then satisfied, leading to high-quality LPSs. To construct LPSs for magnetic systems, we introduce an additional metric: the atomic spin-polarization energy. By including this metric in the fitting, the LPSs reasonably reproduced many properties of magnetic metals and alloys. The high-quality LPSs developed in this work bring us one step closer to large-scale, reliable OF-DFT simulations of all metals and their alloys.