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High-Performance van der Waals Junction Field-Effect Transistors Utilizing Organic Molecule/Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Interface

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posted on 2020-11-02, 22:05 authored by Hyung Gon Shin, Donghee Kang, Yeonsu Jeong, Kitae Kim, Yongjae Cho, Jeehong Park, Sungjae Hong, Yeonjin Yi, Seongil Im
Two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) hetero PN junctions with a van der Waals (vdW) interface have received much attention, because PN diodes are basically important to control the vertical current across the junction. Interestingly, the same vdW PN junction structure can be utilized for junction field-effect transistors (JFETs) where in-plane current is controlled along the junction. However, 2D vdW JFETs seem rarely reported, despite their own advantages to achieve when good vdW junction is secured. Here, we present high-performance p-MoTe2 JFETs using almost perfect vdW organic Alq3/p-MoTe2 junctions and demonstrate organic NPB/n-MoS2 JFETs. The p- and n-channel JFETs stably show high mobilities of 60–80 and ∼800 cm2/V s, respectively, along with a high ON/OFF current ratio (>1 × 105) and minimal gate leakage at 5 V even after a few months. Such performances are attributed to a quality vdW junction at organic layer/TMD interfaces.