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High-Performance Two-Dimensional Perovskite Ca2Nb3O10 UV Photodetectors

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journal contribution
posted on 18.12.2020, 20:14 by Yong Zhang, Siyuan Li, Ziliang Li, Hui Liu, Xinya Liu, Jiaxin Chen, Xiaosheng Fang
We first report two-dimensional (2D) perovskite Ca2Nb3O10 ultraviolet photodetectors (UV PDs), which are prepared via a facile calcination-exfoliation method. The 2D Ca2Nb3O10 PDs demonstrate high performance at 3 V at 280 nm, high responsivity (14.94 A W–1), high detectivity (8.7 × 1013 Jones), high spectral selectivity (R280/R400 = 8.84 × 103), fast speed (0.08/5.6 ms), and long-term stability, exceeding those of most reported UV PDs. Furthermore, the Ca2Nb3O10 PDs integrated with poly­(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) show excellent flexibility and have high linear dynamic range (96 dB). Our work provides a general strategy for searching new UV PDs based on numerous layered niobates. The Ca2Nb3O10 nanosheets may be one of the optimum semiconductor materials for next-generation high-performance UV PDs.