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High-Efficiency Rubidium-Incorporated Perovskite Solar Cells by Gas Quenching

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posted on 23.01.2017, 00:00 by Meng Zhang, Jae S. Yun, Qingshan Ma, Jianghui Zheng, Cho Fai Jonathan Lau, Xiaofan Deng, Jincheol Kim, Dohyung Kim, Jan Seidel, Martin A. Green, Shujuan Huang, Anita W. Y. Ho-Baillie
We apply gas quenching to fabricate rubidium (Rb) incorporated perovskite films for high-efficiency perovskite solar cells achieving 20% power conversion efficiency on a 65 mm2 device. Both double-cation and triple-cation perovskites containing a combination of methylammonium, formamidinium, cesium, and Rb have been investigated. It is found that Rb is not fully embedded in the perovskite lattice. However, a small incorporation of Rb leads to an improvement in the photovoltaic performance of the corresponding devices for both double-cation and triple-cation perovskite systems.