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Hierarchical Dendrite-Like Magnetic Materials of Fe3O4, γ-Fe2O3, and Fe with High Performance of Microwave Absorption

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posted on 2011-03-22, 00:00 authored by Genban Sun, Bingxiang Dong, Minhua Cao, Bingqing Wei, Changwen Hu
Iron-based microstructured or nanostructured materials, including Fe, γ-Fe2O3, and Fe3O4, are highly desirable for magnetic applications because of their high magnetization and a wide range of magnetic anisotropy. An important application of these materials is use as an electromagnetic wave absorber to absorb radar waves in the centimeter wave (2−18 GHz). Dendrite-like microstructures were achieved with the phase transformation from dendritic α-Fe2O3 to Fe3O4, Fe by partial and full reduction, and γ-Fe2O3 by a reduction−oxidation process, while still preserving the dendritic morphology. The investigation of the magnetic properties and microwave absorbability reveals that the three hierarchical microstructures are typical ferromagnets and exhibit excellent microwave absorbability. In addition, this also confirms that the microwave absorption properties are ascribed to the dielectric loss for Fe and the combination of dielectric loss and magnetic loss for Fe3O4 and γ-Fe2O3.