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Hierarchical Cobalt Selenides as Highly Efficient Microwave Absorbers with Tunable Frequency Response

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posted on 2019-12-17, 14:43 authored by Min Zeng, Qian Cao, Jue Liu, Baiyu Guo, Xiaozhu Hao, Qingwei Liu, Xiaofang Liu, Xin Sun, Xixiang Zhang, Ronghai Yu
Microwave absorbing materials have attracted much attention in solving electromagnetic interference and pollution problems. Hierarchical cobalt selenides have been obtained through a facile selenization annealing process. The as-prepared samples exhibit distinct reflection losses (RL) and frequency responses via tailoring their crystalline configurations, with excellent absorption in Ku, X, or C band. All of the samples show RL greater than or near −50 dB with effective bandwidths more than 4 GHz, indicating that they may serve as high-efficient and frequency-tunable microwave absorbers. Especially, the sample annealed at 400 °C shows a competitive RL of −62.04 dB at 9.92 GHz with a thickness of 2.25 mm; meanwhile, its effective absorption bandwidth reaches 5.36 GHz with a thickness as small as 1.56 mm. The cobalt selenides as microwave absorbers exhibit a promising prospect applied in complex electromagnetic environments.