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Hierarchical CoTe2 Nanowire Array: An Effective Oxygen Evolution Catalyst in Alkaline Media

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posted on 26.02.2018, 00:00 by Lei Ji, Zhichao Wang, Hui Wang, Xifeng Shi, Abdullah M. Asiri, Xuping Sun
In this Letter, we report the development of hierarchical CoTe2 nanowire array on Ti mesh (CoTe2 NA/TM) via topotactical conversion from its Co­(OH)F precursor through hydrothermal tellurization reaction. As a 3D oxygen evolution electrocatalyst, such CoTe2 NA/TM exhibits excellent catalytic activity with an overpotential of 340 mV to attain 50 mA cm–2 in 1.0 M KOH. Notably, it also exhibits high durability for 25 h.