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Hierarchical Chitin Fibers with Aligned Nanofibrillar Architectures: A Nonwoven-Mat Separator for Lithium Metal Batteries

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posted on 15.05.2017, 00:00 by Joong-Kwon Kim, Do Hyeong Kim, Se Hun Joo, Byeongwook Choi, Aming Cha, Kwang Min Kim, Tae-Hyuk Kwon, Sang Kyu Kwak, Seok Ju Kang, Jungho Jin
Here, we introduce regenerated fibers of chitin (Chiber), the second most abundant biopolymer after cellulose, and propose its utility as a nonwoven fiber separator for lithium metal batteries (LMBs) that exhibits an excellent electrolyte-uptaking capability and Li-dendrite-mitigating performance. Chiber is produced by a centrifugal jet-spinning technique, which allows a simple and fast production of Chibers consisting of hierarchically aligned self-assembled chitin nanofibers. Following the scrutinization on the Chiber–Li-ion interaction via computational methods, we demonstrate the potential of Chiber as a nonwoven mat-type separator by monitoring it in Li–O2 and Na–O2 cells.