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Hierarchical Amorphous Carbon-Coated Co/Co9S8 Nanoparticles on MoS2 toward Synergetic Electrocatalytic Water Splitting

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posted on 06.12.2019, 18:47 by Qianqian Lin, Junmei Liang, Jiapeng Liu, Qicheng Zhang, Wenchao Peng, Yang Li, Fengbao Zhang, Xiaobin Fan
The development of electrocatalysts with excellent performance, affordable price, and abundant reserves is an important way to realize the overall water splitting. In this study, we design a unique preparation process to form a carbon-coated Co/Co9S8–MoS2 bifunctional catalyst. Excessive H2S generated in the decomposition process of ammonium thiomolybdate can partially sulfurize carbon-coated Co nanoparticles, and Co/Co9S8 mixed phases will be formed on MoS2. The as-prepared catalyst possesses good bifunctional electrocatalytic activity under the alkaline environment for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER). The amorphous carbon-coated Co/Co9S8–MoS2 composite shows a low overpotential of 128 mV for HER and 325 mV for OER in 1 M KOH solution, respectively. Besides, the amorphous carbon shell can prevent Co/Co9S8 nanoparticles from corrosion, and the catalyst shows remarkable long-term cycle stability.