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Hexagonal Ce1–xLnx(OH)CO3 as Highly Efficient Precursors of Nanocrystalline Ln(III–IV)-Substituted Ceria

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journal contribution
posted on 29.09.2017, 00:00 authored by Cecilia Sorbello, Matias Jobbágy
Monophasic hexagonal precursors, obeying to the formula Ce1–xLnx(OH)­CO3, are introduced herein as versatile precursors for the preparation of Ln­(III–IV)-substituted nanocrystalline ceria. To this aim, three hexagonal Ce1–xLnx(OH)­CO3 families increasingly substituted with Ln­(III) = Sm­(III), Gd­(III), or Pr­(III), were prepared with high (quantitative) precipitation yields. Once Ce1–xLnx(OH)­CO3 precursors are submitted to moderate thermal treatment (5 h, 723 K, air atmosphere), the oxidation of Ce­(III) centers triggers a single step massive decomposition (dehydroxylation/decarbonation), developing monophasic Ce1–xLnxO2−δ solid solutions with Ln­(IV–III) substitutions up to 30%. These binary oxides exhibit large surface areas, up to 130 m2 g–1, even larger than those obtained by means of costly procedures.