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Heteroepitaxial Growth of High-Index-Faceted Palladium Nanoshells and Their Catalytic Performance

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posted on 2011-02-02, 00:00 authored by Feng Wang, Chuanhao Li, Ling-Dong Sun, Haoshuai Wu, Tian Ming, Jianfang Wang, Jimmy C. Yu, Chun-Hua Yan
The development of high-performance nanocatalysts relies essentially on the generation of stable and active surface sites at the atomic scale through synthetic control of the size, shape, and chemical composition of nanoscale metals and metal oxides. One promising route is to induce the exposure of catalytically active high-index facets of nanostructures through shape-controlled syntheses. We have designed and prepared two types of Pd nanoshells that are enclosed by high-index {730} and {221} facets through heteroepitaxial growth on high-index-faceted Au nanocrystals. The turnover numbers per surface atom of the high-index-faceted Pd nanoshells have been found to be 3−7 times those of Pd and Au−Pd core−shell nanocubes that possess only {100} facets in catalyzing the Suzuki coupling reaction. These results open up a potential for the development of inexpensive and highly active metal nanocatalysts.