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Heterobimetallic Dinuclear Lanthanide Alkoxide Complexes as Acid–Base Difunctional Catalysts for Transesterification

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posted on 03.10.2014, 00:00 by Ruijie Zeng, Hongting Sheng, Yongcang Zhang, Yan Feng, Zhi Chen, Junfeng Wang, Man Chen, Manzhou Zhu, Qingxiang Guo
A practical lanthanide­(III)-catalyzed transesterification of carboxylic esters, weakly reactive carbonates, and much less-reactive ethyl silicate with primary and secondary alcohols was developed. Heterobimetallic dinuclear lanthanide alkoxide complexes [Ln2Na8{(OCH2CH2NMe2)}12(OH)2] (Ln = Nd (I), Sm (II), and Yb (III)) were used as highly active catalysts for this reaction. The mild reaction conditions enabled the transesterification of various substrates to proceed in good to high yield. Efficient activation of transesterification may be endowed by the above complexes as cooperative acid–base difunctional catalysts, which is proposed to be responsible for the higher reactivity in comparison with simple acid/base catalysts.