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Healable, Reconfigurable, Reprocessable Thermoset Shape Memory Polymer with Highly Tunable Topological Rearrangement Kinetics

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posted on 20.06.2017, 00:00 authored by Zizheng Fang, Ning Zheng, Qian Zhao, Tao Xie
The unique capability of topological rearrangement for dynamic covalent polymer networks has enabled various unusual properties (self-healing, solid-state plasticity, and reprocessability) that are not found in conventional thermosets. Achieving these properties in one network in a synergetic fashion can open up new opportunities for shape memory polymer. To accomplish such a goal, the freedom to tune topological rearrangement kinetics is critical. This is, however, challenging to achieve. In this work, two sets of dynamic bonds (urethane and hindered urea) are incorporated into a hybrid network for synthesizing shape memory poly­(urea-urethane). By changing the bond ratio, networks with highly tunable topological rearrangement kinetics are obtained. Combining self-healing, solid-state plasticity, and reprocessability in one such shape memory network leads to unusual versatility in its shape-shifting performance.