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H2 Production Mediated by CO2 via Initial Reduction to Formate

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posted on 2016-08-18, 17:07 authored by Michael R. Norris, Sarah E. Flowers, Ashley M. Mathews, Brandi M. Cossairt
A Ru­(NH-NHC) complex with an open coordination site on the metal center adjacent to ligand N–H moieties has been synthesized and characterized. This complex exhibits unique reactivity upon reaction with either CO2 or NaHCO3, yielding a formate-bridged bimetallic complex via a spontaneous deoxygenation reaction and formal reduction at carbon. Dehydrogenation of the formate complex leads to a Ru–carbamate species following carbon–nitrogen bond formation between the CO2 moiety and the NHC ligand. This reactivity opens up new pathways for CO2 reduction and is relevant to H2 storage.