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H2 Activation in Aqueous Solution:  Formation of trans-[Fe(DMeOPrPE)2H(H2)]+ via the Heterolysis of H2 in Water

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posted on 31.05.2004, 00:00 by John D. Gilbertson, Nathaniel K. Szymczak, David R. Tyler
The water-soluble iron phosphine complex trans-Fe(DMeOPrPE)2Cl2 (DMeOPrPE = 1,2-bis(bis(methoxypropyl)phosphino)ethane) reacts with H2 in water to produce trans-[Fe(DMeOPrPE)2H(H2)]+ and H+. The product is a water-soluble η2-H2 metal hydride complex, formed via the heterolysis of coordinated H2 in water.