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H‑Aggregates Granting Crystallization-Induced Emissive Behavior and Ultralong Phosphorescence from a Pure Organic Molecule

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posted on 07.04.2017, 00:00 by Elena Lucenti, Alessandra Forni, Chiara Botta, Lucia Carlucci, Clelia Giannini, Daniele Marinotto, Andrea Previtali, Stefania Righetto, Elena Cariati
Solid-state luminescent materials with long lifetimes are the subject of ever-growing interest from both a scientific and a technological point of view. However, when dealing with organic compounds, the achievement of highly efficient materials is limited by aggregation-caused quenching (ACQ) phenomena on one side and by ultrafast deactivation of the excited states on the other. Here, we report on a simple organic molecule, namely, cyclic triimidazole (C9H6N6), 1, showing crystallization-induced emissive (CIE) behavior and, in particular, ultralong phosphorescence due to strong coupling in H-aggregated molecules. Our experimental data reveal that luminescence lifetimes up to 1 s, which are several orders of magnitude longer than those of conventional organic fluorophores, can be realized under ambient conditions, thus expanding the class of organic materials for phosphorescence applications.