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HFIP Solvent Enables Alcohols To Act as Alkylating Agents in Stereoselective Heterocyclization

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posted on 2019-04-12, 10:45 authored by Yuxiang Zhu, Ignacio Colomer, Amber L. Thompson, Timothy J. Donohoe
A new method for the stereoselective synthesis of highly functionalized oxygen heterocycles using allyl or benzyl alcohols as alkylating agents is presented. The process is efficient and atom economic, generating water as the only stoichiometric byproduct. Substoichiometric amounts of Ti­(OiPr)4 in HFIP solvent are key to this reactivity, and the method tolerates a broad substitution pattern on both the alcohol initiator and homoallylic alcohol substrate. Preliminary mechanistic studies reveal in situ formation of a titanium complex with HFIP which may initiate the cyclization reaction. Further stereoselective functionalization of the products allows access to a diverse range of interesting heterocyclic structures.