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Growth of NiCo2O4@MnMoO4 Nanocolumn Arrays with Superior Pseudocapacitor Properties

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posted on 15.03.2016, 00:00 by Chunyu Cui, Jiantie Xu, Lei Wang, Di Guo, Minglei Mao, Jianmin Ma, Taihong Wang
Three-dimensional heterostructured NiCo2O4@MnMoO4 nanocolumn arrays (NCAs) on Ni foam were first fabricated through an improved two-step hydrothermal process associated with a successive annealing treatment. The hybrid NiCo2O4@MnMoO4 electrode exhibited remarkable pseudocapacitor property with high initial mass specific capacitance of 1705.3 F g–1 at 5 mA cm–2, and retained 92.6% after 5000 cycles, compared to the bare NiCo2O4 electrode with 839.1 F g–1 and 90.9%. The excellent capacitive property of the NiCo2O4@MnMoO4 hydrid was attributed to its high-electron/ion-transfer rate, large electrolyte infiltrate area, and more electroactive reaction sites.