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Growth, Structure, and Optical Properties of Nonlinear LiGa0.55In0.45Te2 Single Crystals

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posted on 2019-02-12, 00:00 authored by Pavel Krinitsin, Alexander Yelisseyev, Xingxing Jiang, Lyudmila Isaenko, Maxim Molokeev, Zheshuai Lin, Alexey Pugachev
In search of new nonlinear optical crystals for the mid-IR range, we grew single crystals of LiGa0.55In0.45Te2 (LGITe) of optical quality; its structure was established, and the spectroscopic properties were studied. LGITe crystallizes in a tetragonal chalcopyrite-like (I4̅2d) structure at 667 ± 5 °C. Crystals are transparent in the 0.76–14.8 μm spectral region with some absorption bands related to OH/H2O and Ge–O vibrations. Analysis of the Tauc plots showed that LGITe is a direct band gap semiconductor with the band gap Eg = 1.837 eV at 300 K. The Raman spectrum for LGITe is very similar to that for LiGaTe2: the most intense band A1 near 120 cm–1 corresponds to the Li–Te vibration. DFT calculations were carried out for the first time to simulate the energy band structure (band gap ∼1.67 eV), density of states (DOS), birefringence (0.049 at 2 μm), and nonlinear susceptibility (d14 = d36 = −48.73 pm/V). For ternary LiInTe2 these parameters are Δn = 0.007 and d14 = d36 = −61.4 pm/V, respectively. The calculated optical properties indicate that LiGa0.55In0.45Te2 is a promising mid-IR nonlinear optical crystal with nonlinear parameters higher than those of LiGaTe2.