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Green and Rapid Synthesis of Durable and Super-Oil (under Water) and Water (in Air) Repellent Interfaces

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posted on 2018-07-06, 00:00 authored by Adil M. Rather, Uttam Manna
In this letter, a single polymer is rapidly and covalently transformed into a chemically reactive and functional bulk polymeric coatings through a catalyst-free mutual chemical reaction between acrylates and amine groups at ambient conditionin the absence of any external reaction solvent, which is unprecedented in the literature. This facile and green chemical approach provided a common basis for achieving two distinct biomimicked wettabilitiesthat are superhydrophobicity (lotus-leaf mimicked) in air and superoleophobicity (fish-scale inspired) under water. The essential chemistry that conferred bioinspired wettability was optimized in the hierarchically featured polymeric material by postcovalent modulation of chemically reactive polymeric material with primary-amine-containing small moleculess, glucamine and octadecylamine. The inherently sticky and “chemically reactive” polymeric material having appropriate hierarchical topography is highly capable of providing substrate-independent (irrespective of chemical compositions and mechanical strength of the substrates) stable coatings with robust bioinspired (i.e., lotus leaf and fish scale) wettability.