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Gravimetric Standard Gas Mixtures for Global Monitoring of Atmospheric SF6

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posted on 2017-10-13, 00:00 authored by Jeong Sik Lim, Jinbok Lee, Dongmin Moon, Jin Seog Kim, Jeongsoon Lee, Bradley D. Hall
In this study, standard gas mixtures of SF6 in synthetic air were gravimetrically developed as a suite consisting of 6 mixtures with mole fractions of SF6 ranging from 5 to 15 pmol/mol. For precision in weighing the gas fills, an automatic weighing system coupled with a high sensitivity mass balance was used and a gravimetry precision of 3 mg (2σ) was achieved. Impurity profiles of the raw gases were determined by various analyzers. In particular, sub pmol/mol levels of SF6 in the matrix components (N2, O2, and Ar) were carefully measured, since the mole fraction of SF6 in the final step can be significantly biased by this trace amount of SF6 in the raw gases of the matrix components. Gravimetric dilution of SF6 by purity-assessed N2 was performed in 6 steps to achieve a mole fraction of 440 pmol/mol. In the final step, O2 and Ar were added to mimic the atmospheric composition. Gravimetric fractions of SF6 and the associated standard uncertainty in each step were computed according to the ISO 6142 and JCGM 100:2008, respectively, and validated experimentally. Eventually, the SF6 fraction uncertainty of the standard gas mixtures combined by uncertainties of gravimetric preparation and verification measurements were found to be nominally 0.08% at a 95% confidence interval. A comparison with independent calibration standards from NOAA shows agreement within 0.49%, satisfying the extended WMO compatibility goal, 0.05 ppt.