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Graphene-Based High-Efficiency Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering-Active Platform for Sensitive and Multiplex DNA Detection

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posted on 15.05.2012, 00:00 authored by Shijiang He, Keng-Ku Liu, Shao Su, Juan Yan, Xiuhai Mao, Dongfang Wang, Yao He, Lain-Jong Li, Shiping Song, Chunhai Fan
We have developed a surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)-active substrate based on gold nanoparticle-decorated chemical vapor deposition (CVD)-growth graphene and used it for multiplexing detection of DNA. Due to the combination of gold nanoparticles and graphene, the Raman signals of dye were dramatically enhanced by this novel substrate. With the gold nanoparticles, DNA capture probes could be easily assembled on the surface of graphene films which have a drawback to directly immobilize DNA. This platform exhibits extraordinarily high sensitivity and excellent specificity for DNA detection. A detection limit as low as 10 pM is obtained. Importantly, two different DNA targets could be detected simultaneously on the same substrate just using one light source.