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Graphene-based Two-Stage Enhancement Pressure Sensor for Subtle Mechanical Force Monitoring

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posted on 2023-12-22, 20:03 authored by He Tian, Xiaoshi Li, Guang-Yang Gou, Jin-Ming Jian, Boyi Zhu, Shourui Ji, Hengbin Ding, Zhanfeng Guo, Yi Yang, Tian-Ling Ren
The development of pressure sensors with high sensitivity and a low detection limit for subtle mechanical force monitoring and the understanding of the sensing mechanism behind subtle mechanical force monitoring are of great significance for intelligent technology. Here, we proposed a graphene-based two-stage enhancement pressure sensor (GTEPS), and we analyzed the difference between subtle mechanical force monitoring and conventional mechanical force monitoring. The GTEPS exhibited a high sensitivity of 62.2 kPa–1 and a low detection limit of 0.1 Pa. Leveraging its excellent performance, the GTEPS was successfully applied in various subtle mechanical force monitoring applications, including acoustic wave detection, voice-print recognition, and pulse wave monitoring. In acoustic wave detection, the GTEPS achieved a 100% recognition accuracy for six words. In voiceprint recognition, the sensor exhibited accurate identification of distinct voiceprints among individuals. Furthermore, in pulse wave monitoring, GTEPS demonstrated effective detection of pulse waves. By combination of the pulse wave signals with electrocardiogram (ECG) signals, it enabled the assessment of blood pressure. These results demonstrate the excellent performance of GTEPS and highlight its great potential for subtle mechanical force monitoring and its various applications. The current results indicate that GTEPS shows great potential for applications in subtle mechanical force monitoring.