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Gram-Scale Synthesis and Biofunctionalization of Silica-Coated Silver Nanoparticles for Fast Colorimetric DNA Detection

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posted on 15.04.2005, 00:00 by Shuhua Liu, Zhihua Zhang, Mingyong Han
A direct silica-coating method has been developed for the gram-scale synthesis of well-dispersed Ag@SiO2 nanoparticles. Subsequent surface functionalization via the well-established silica surface chemistry provided arching points for straightforward bioconjugation with amino-terminated oligonucleotides. Fast hybridization kinetics of the resulting robust oligo-modified Ag@SiO2 nanoprobes with complementary target oligonucleotides render themselves very useful for the fast colorimetric DNA detection based on the sequence-specific hybridization properties of DNA. Additionally, the reliable protocols developed in this study for preparing and functionalizing Ag@SiO2 nanoparticles can be readily extended to other silica-coated nanoparticles, which can also provide a specific platform for the covalent attachment of biomolecules such as amino-rich proteins, enzymes, or amino-terminated oligonucleotides for diverse bioapplications.