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Gram-Scale Synthesis of 3‑Sulfonyl Flavanones

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posted on 18.12.2019, 16:46 by Meng-Yang Chang, Yu-Lin Tsai, Yu-Lun Chang
In this paper, an easy-operational, high-yielding method for the gram-scale synthesis of 3-sulfonyl flavanones is described by a one-pot straightforward POCl3 mediated intermolecular (5 + 1) annulation of the β-ketosulfones with an o-hydroxyaryl group (dual nucleophile) and arylaldehydes (dual electrophile) in refluxing toluene for 3 h. A plausible mechanism is proposed and discussed. This protocol provides a highly effective annulation via one carbon–oxygen (C–O) and one carbon–carbon (C–C) bond formations.