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Glycosylation Enabled by Successive Rhodium(II) and Brønsted Acid Catalysis

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posted on 19.07.2019, 15:25 by Lingkui Meng, Peng Wu, Jing Fang, Ying Xiao, Xiong Xiao, Guangsheng Tu, Xiang Ma, Shuang Teng, Jing Zeng, Qian Wan
Herein, we reported on a highly efficient glycosylation reaction comprising two chronological meticulously designed catalytic cycles: (1) rhodium-catalyzed formation of sulfonium ylide and (2) Brønsted acid-catalyzed formation of sulfonium ion. This protocol highlighted an effective and robust tactic to prepare a glycosyl sulfonium ion from a glycosyl sulfonium ylide precursor amenable for glycosylation.