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Glowing Octopus-Inspired Nanomachine: A Versatile Aptasensor for Efficient Capture, Imaging, Separation, and NIR-Triggered Release of Cancer Cells

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posted on 2023-12-18, 16:20 authored by Peng Gao, Xiaoyu Li, Ruyue Wei, Wei Pan, Na Li, Bo Tang
The separation and analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in liquid biopsy significantly facilitated clinical cancer diagnosis and personalized therapy. However, current methods face challenges in simultaneous efficient capturing, separation, and imaging of CTCs, and most of the devices cannot be reused/regenerated. We present here an innovative glowing octopus-inspired nanomachine (GOIN), capable of capturing, imaging, separating, and controlling the release of cancer cells from whole blood and normal cells. The GOIN comprises an aptamer-decorated magnetic fluorescent covalent organic framework (COF), which exhibits a strong affinity for nucleolin-overexpressed cancer cells through a multivalent binding effect. The captured cancer cells can be directly imaged using the intrinsic stable fluorescence of the COF layer in the GOIN. Employing magnet and NIR laser assistance enables easy separation and mild photothermal release of CTCs from the normal cells and the nanomachine without compromising cell viability. Moreover, the GOIN demonstrates a reusing capability, as the NIR-triggered CTC release is mild and nondestructive, allowing the GOIN to be reused at least three times.