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Gigahertz Optomechanical Modulation by Split-Ring-Resonator Nanophotonic Meta-Atom Arrays

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posted on 15.09.2017, 00:00 authored by Yuta Imade, Ronald Ulbricht, Motonobu Tomoda, Osamu Matsuda, Gediminas Seniutinas, Saulius Juodkazis, Oliver B. Wright
Using polarization-resolved transient reflection spectroscopy, we investigate a metasurface consisting of coherently vibrating nanophotonic U-shaped split-ring meta-atoms that exhibit colocalized optical and mechanical resonances. With an array of these resonators formed of gold on glass, essentially miniature tuning forks, we monitor the visible-pump induced gigahertz oscillations in reflected infrared light intensity to probe the multimodal vibrational response. Numerical simulations of the associated transient deformations and strain fields elucidate the complex nanomechanical dynamics contributing to the ultrafast optical modulation and point to the role of acousto-plasmonic interactions through the opening and closing motion of the SRR gaps as the dominant effect. Applications include ultrafast acoustooptic modulator design and sensing.