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Giant Polarization and High Temperature Monoclinic Phase in a Lead-Free Perovskite of Bi(Zn0.5Ti0.5)O3‑BiFeO3

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posted on 15.09.2016, 15:53 authored by Zhao Pan, Jun Chen, Runze Yu, Hajime Yamamoto, Yangchun Rong, Lei Hu, Qiang Li, Kun Lin, Li You, Kun Zhao, Longlong Fan, Yang Ren, Kenichi Kato, Masaki Azuma, Xianran Xing
Lead-free piezoelectrics have attracted increasing attention because of the awareness of lead toxicity to the environment. Here, a new bismuth-based lead-free perovskite, (1 – x)­Bi­(Zn0.5Ti0.5)­O3-xBiFeO3, has been synthesized via a high-pressure and high-temperature method. It exhibits interesting properties of giant polarization, morphotropic phase boundary (MPB), and monoclinic phase. In particular, large tetragonality (c/a = 1.228) and giant spontaneous polarization of 110 μC/cm2 has been obtained in 0.6 Bi­(Zn0.5Ti0.5)­O3-0.4BiFeO3, which is much higher than most available lead-free materials and conventional Pb­(Zr,Ti)­O3. MPB is clearly identified to be constituted of tetragonal and monoclinic phases at x = 0.5. Notably, a single monoclinic phase has been observed at x = 0.6, which exhibits an intriguing high-temperature property. The present results are helpful to explore new lead-free MPB systems in bismuth-based compounds.