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Genome Mining of Streptomyces atratus SCSIO ZH16: Discovery of Atratumycin and Identification of Its Biosynthetic Gene Cluster

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posted on 11.02.2019, 22:04 by Changli Sun, Zhijie Yang, Chunyan Zhang, Zhiyong Liu, Jianqiao He, Qing Liu, Tianyu Zhang, Jianhua Ju, Junying Ma
Genome mining of the deep sea-derived Streptomyces atratus SCSIO ZH16 enabled the activation of a cyclodepsipeptide gene cluster and isolation of its cinnamic acid-bearing product, atratumycin (1). Atratumycin’s structure was elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic experiments, X-ray data, and Marfey’s method; a plausible biosynthesis and tailoring modification of 1 are also proposed and investigated. Additionally, atratumycin is active against Mycobacteria tuberculosis H37Ra and H37Rv with MICs of 3.8 and 14.6 μM, respectively.