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Gadolinium Oxide Nanoring and Nanoplate:  Anisotropic Shape Control

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posted on 01.08.2007, 00:00 by Jungsun Paek, Chang Hoon Lee, Jiyoung Choi, Sung-Yool Choi, Ansoon Kim, Ju Wook Lee, Kwangyeol Lee
Colloidal cubic Gd2O3 nanorings and nanoplates are selectively prepared from low-temperature (90 °C) hydrolysis of Gd(acac)3 and subsequent in situ thermal dehydration of the hydrolyzed precursor−surfactant aggregates at 320 °C. Notably, the final morphologies of Gd2O3 are directly transferred from the shapes of hydrolyzed precursors. Further ring size control could be accomplished using surfactants with different lengths, and importantly, the reported method could be extended to other metals such as Er and Yb.