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GNeosomes: Highly Lysosomotropic Nanoassemblies for Lysosomal Delivery

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journal contribution
posted on 28.04.2015, 00:00 by Ezequiel Wexselblatt, Jeffrey D. Esko, Yitzhak Tor
GNeosomes, lysosomotropic lipid vesicles decorated with guanidinoneomycin, can encapsulate and facilitate the cellular internalization and lysosomal delivery of cargo ranging from small molecules to high molecular weight proteins, in a process that is exclusively dependent on cell surface glycosaminoglycans. Their cellular uptake mechanism and co-localization with lysosomes, as well as the delivery, release, and activity of internalized cargo, are quantified. GNeosomes are proposed as a universal platform for lysosomal delivery with potential as a basic research tool and a therapeutic vehicle.