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Functionalized Fe3O4@C Nanospheres with Adjustable Structure for Efficient Hexavalent Chromium Removal

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posted on 04.10.2017, 00:00 by Linglin Zhou, Guilong Zhang, Jie Tian, Dongfang Wang, Dongqing Cai, Zhengyan Wu
Core–shell magnetic Fe3O4@C nanospheres functionalized with active chemical groups were synthesized via a one-step template-free solvothermal process and employed to remove hexavalent chromium (Cr­(VI)) in aqueous media. The structure of Fe3O4@C nanoparticles could be effectively adjusted by the concentration of precursor. The Fe3O4 core possessed a high magnetism for the convenient separation of Fe3O4@C from aqueous solution, and high porosity and abundant functional groups (−OH, −COOH, and CC) of carbon layer contributed to a superior performance on Cr­(VI) removal. Therein, Cr­(VI) ions could be efficiently adsorbed into the carbon layer and reduced to trivalent chromium (Cr­(III)) mainly by CC, and the resulting Cr­(III) were chelated by the −COOH group. Noteworthy, the carbon layer thickness, pore size, and amount of chemical groups significantly increased with the increase of Fe3O4@C particle size resulting in a rising removal efficiency on Cr­(VI). This study provides a promising approach for removing Cr­(VI) and may have a huge application potential.