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Functional Plasma Polymerized Surfaces for Biosensing

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posted on 27.03.2020, 20:04 by Ekaterina Makhneva, Laura Barillas, Zdeněk Farka, Matěj Pastucha, Petr Skládal, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann, Katja Fricke
The capabilities of biosensors for fast, economic, and user-friendly analysis of complex samples has led to the exploitation of analytical devices for detection, quantification, and monitoring of specific chemical species for various applications. For a sufficiently high surface reactivity toward the adopted bioreceptors, a thin functional layer is required to enable coupling of the target biomolecules and to provide good stability in the presence of a sample matrix. In this work, the generation of water-stable oxygen-rich plasma polymerized (pp) films deposited by atmospheric-pressure jet plasma for reliable immobilization of biomolecules is presented. Three types of pp films were developed and characterized. All of the obtained pp films were successfully used as a matrix layer in the SPR immunosensors, which provided excellent level of sensitivity, stability, and regenerability. The achieved results show that atmospheric pressure plasma-induced polymerization is a powerful alternative method for the preparation of matrix layers for a wide range of applications in the biological field.